Caring for our wildlife
We often travel along the road forgetting that we share the roads with our wildlife. We need to be aware that they are wild animals and to preserve life we should always be on the lookout.READ MORE

Desexing your pet
Desexing is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. There are far too many cats & dogs needing good homes. You should make sure you are not contributing to the countless number of stray animals in shelters around the country.  READ MORE

There is no such thing as a free pet
There are always ongoing costs to ensure your pet remains healthy. Pets are a long term commitment. If you are looking at purchasing an animal
as a lifetime gift, please consider the following… READ MORE



Harmful toxins in the home

There are many toxins around the home that can cause poisoning to your pet. Even the foods that we eat can pose a threat to pets. Our food is not always suitable for dogs or cats and some can be downright dangerous. Chocolate and caffeinated drinks like coffee can cause convulsions and even
death if eaten by a dog or cat.  READ MORE

Heat Stress
Coming into the warmer months, it is very important to ensure your pets do not overheat. Heat stress can happen quickly and become life threatening. Unlike humans, dogs and cats do not sweat. They pant to lower their body temperature.READ MORE

Health Care information for Cats
Kittens need a balanced diet to ensure they grow into a healthy adult. A combined diet of a good quality dry & wet kitten food is recommended.
This will give your kitten all the nutrients it needs. Avoid giving milk to kittens as this can cause diarrhoea (cats are lactose intolerant). READ MORE

Health Care information for Dogs
Microchipping is compulsory in NSW & must be done by 12 weeks of age. If you are selling or giving away a puppy or kitten, they must legally be microchipped when they change hands.  READ MORE

Socialising your kitten
Socialising your kitten is a very important part of their development. They need to become comfortable with people, other kittens & their environment.
This includes socialising them to cat carriers, car travel, vacuum cleaners, grooming equipment etc.READ MORE

Socialising Your Puppy
Socialisation and puppy training are of utmost importance, as puppyhood is the most important and critical time in your dog’s development. What you do and don’t do right now will affect your dog’s behaviour forever.READ MORE

Your pet can save a dogs life
Every day dogs just like yours need blood transfusions. For many reasons a transfusion is a clinical necessity, without dog blood donors, we can not undertake important and often life-saving procedures. READ MORE


 Equine Vital Signs - Table of Normal Values plus information on how and where to take them. READ MORE